Fantasy Theme Park, Malampuzha Palakkad

All about Fantasy Park, Palakkad

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Located in Malampuzha, amidst the beautiful hilly landscapes of the Western Ghats in Palakkad, the Fantasy Park offers amusement of a different kind for people of all age groups. Palakkad is the seventh largest city in Kerala and Malampuzha is a small town along the Malampuzha River. Palakkad offers the only major approach through rail or road with the rest of the country.  The flat terrain due to the Palghat gap of the Western Ghats acts as the only vent for major road and rail transport and hence rightly been recognized as the Gateway of Kerala.


Fantasy Park is the first amusement park of the Indian state of Kerala. Spread over an area of 15 acres, Fantasy Park is very close to the Malampuzha Dam, which has a reservoir capacity of 42,090 hectares and is the largest in Kerala. A novel concept by the Neo Tech Amusements & Resorts Pvt Ltd, the park has become a major tourist attraction in Palakkad. The tourists flow has already crossed 5 million footprints.

What to Expect ? What you can do at Fantasy Theme Park ?

fantacy parkThe park has amusement for all age groups. You have a variety of amusements to indulge in from the three segments of Wet Park, Dry Park and the Planetarium. In the Wet Park, test your guts in the furious water currents of the water tubes or get the thrill of a bungee jump in the towering slides. Enjoy a thrilling free fall dive in the mountain slide on a sheet of water. The Wave Pool here is the largest in Kerala, where you can enjoy waves triggering fear of Tsunami in you. Fantasy Tantrums Water Ride and Boomerang Water Ride are some of the new water rides you can enjoy with your family and friends. After all the wet thrills, enjoy a refreshing and sensuous bath in the Malampuzha falls.

Rides at Fantasy Theme Park

The Dry Park is filled with equally amazing entertainment as the Wet Park. Children can have a bash with some of the rides on Baby Train, Battery Car or the Water Kiddy Ride. Some of the other activities which can amuse everyone are the Pirate Boat, Oriental Express Train, Water Merry Go Round, Go Cart, Para Trooper etc. At the Stimulator Games complex, you can test your skills with an array of 29 stimulating games like Scooter ride, Caterpillar, jumping horse, Mini Tele Combat etc.

The Planetarium

The Planetarium is an added attraction which can take into the skies and let you know about various Planets, Stars, and Galaxies etc. It’s a great place to introduce your kids into astronomy or unleash an astronomer in your child. Children can get a clear picture of how the solar system, the planets, galaxies etc. are placed and how they revolve around. Not just the kids, it’s very informative even for the adults.

How to Reach at Fantasy Theme Park

By Air – Nearest Airports

Palakkad can be reached by air from Coimbatore International Airport which is 60 kms from Palakkad or Kozhikode International Airport which is 105 kms away or from the Cochin International which is 145 kms from Palakkad.

By Rail – Nearest Railway Stations

From Olavakkod Railway Station, Malampuzha is just 6 kms and from Palakkad Town, Malampuzha is 10 kms. The place is usually hot and humid between Mar-May due to the mercury maintaining between 34-38°C. The max temperatures hovers around 28°C between Jun to Oct. Min temperatures maintains between 21-25°C during all seasons.

Near By Destinations

Other major tourist attractions like the Malampuzha Dam, Malampuzha Gardens, Snake Park, 15th century Kalpathy temple, Tipu Sultan Fort etc. in Palakkad make Fantasy Park a must-visit destination.