Agasthyarkoodam Peak – Why You Need to Visit

Agasthyarkoodam Peak

What is it?

It is a spectacular second highest peak in Western Ghats of Kerala state.  The peak rises to a majestic height of 1868m in the form of sharp cone.    According to Hindu purana, this peak is ‘The abode of Sage Agastya’ who is one of the seven Rishis (Saptarishi).  Since it is believed that the soul of this deep-rooted bachelor is present in the hill, women are not allowed up in this hill.

Where is it located?

The peak is located about 70Km from Trivandrum city and the forest area is in TamilNadu border.  Agasthyarkoodam is accessible only on foot, with 24 Km of trekking from Bonacaud and 32 Km from Neyyar Dam.

When can I go?

Nobody is allowed to enter the jungle without taking entry pass from forest office which is at a 25 min walk from Bonacaud bus stop.  The Wildlife Department gives entry passes during January and February for 200 to 500 trekkers for every season which is from the month of December to April. It is a two day trek to the peak where they have to stay in shelter at Athirumala the first day and then reach the top of the peak on the second day.  Here we can find the Murti of the Sage Agastyar himself where we can do pujas too.

What is special here?

Abundance of rare herbs and medicinal plants(around 2000 varieties) are found here which can be used in Ayurvedic treatments.  The divine face of the peak can be seen when the blue “Neelakurinji” flower blooms covering the slopes of the peak.  It is a special flower which blooms only once in twelve years which last bloomed in the year 2006.  So, we can see those beautiful blooming flowers only in 2018.

Colourful glades of  ‘Neelakurinji’ flower, chirping of wild birds, gurgling of waterfalls, densely knotted branches of trees proves the pristine nature of the peak.

The major rivers which originate from the mountain are the Karamana River and Neyyar River which is the major source of drinking water to the city.  We can also visit Neyyardam, Pepparadam and Neyyar Lion Safari Park around the peak.

How to reach there?

From Airport it is 69 Kms or from Trivandrum station it is 61 Kms to reach Bonacaud.

For the entry passes contact:

The wildlife Warden, Agastyvanam Biological Park,

Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Vattiyourkavu P.O.

Trivandrum-685013. Ph-0471 236860, 0471 2272182